Irrigation Design Management Services (IDM)

Irrigation Design Management

As a member of the Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia (IIABC), Irrigation Design Management (IDM) has been providing the Kelowna area with high quality sprinkler services since 1992.

Irrigation Design Management (IDM) services both Residential, Commercial and Agricultural customers. Quality and service is the focal point of IDM where we are committed to satisfaction on every job that is completed knowing that each client is left beyond satisfied.

We guarantee quality workmanship and materials!

Service excellence is the number one focus of Irrigation Design Management (IDM) owner and operator Carlos Pacheco, certified in residential, commercial and agricultural irrigation design and installation.

Benefits of Irrigation

With a sprinkler system that is designed correctly you can save time and money on your landscaping and application of water.

Irrigation systems allow you to set timers and portion out the amount of water you use. You never waste water, and the timer allows you to get on with your routine without any disruptions.

A sprinkler system component can sense rain and conserve water, and because the system is set up to water only the specific areas, you can reduce weeds.

Professional Irrigation System & Equipment Services

At IDM, you can depend on quick, thorough repairs and maintenance. We are dedicated to providing the best service possible, protecting your landscape and maintaining its optimal health. You won't have to worry about clogged drains or malfunctioning sprinklers. We get your sprinkler systems running smoothly.

Don't let your yard run dry, make an appointment with us today!

Irrigation Services

  • Spring start-up/maintenance: Optimizing your sprinkler system and make sure it is fully functional and working to full capacity. Making your system more efficient is a large component of Spring start-up and maintenance.
  • Installations: IDM sprinkler system service provides personal consultation, design and installation of affordable quality driven sprinkler systems and components that efficiently use one of our most limited natural resources, water.
  • Repairs: With high quality irrigation services since 1992 our installation and design experience will diagnose and repair any problematic areas of your system to ensure efficient watering.
  • Upgrades: IDM can conduct detailed analysis of water usage and can determine consumption rates and or water loss in the water supply distribution systems. When conducting a detailed analysis of this type not only will we find the defiance's but also the means and opportunity to improve the efficacy of the system.
  • Winterization: We offer winterization service for all types of sprinkler systems, residential, commercial and agricultural. All of our work is guaranteed!

Free Estimates

The savings from automatic sprinkler systems can surprise you. Watering with a garden hose or oscillator wastes water, neither method targets the plant roots with any significant degree of precision.

Contact us to schedule a custom installation estimate that is personalized for your location.

Installation, Maintenance and Repairs

We offer a full range of irrigation design, installation and maintenance services including free quoting, site analysis, master planning, design development, schematic drawings, construction and installation, maintenance and repair.

The use of automatic sprinkler systems are convenient, especially for those who travel.

If professionally installed and programmed properly, automatic systems can even save you money and help in water conservation.

IDM is dedicated to meet the growing irrigation needs of the twenty first century with efficient and cost effective design and installation.