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IDM - About Us

For close to forty years in the Okanagan Valley, residential, commercial and agricultural properties have depended upon automatic irrigation systems to provide an effective and efficient means of irrigation.

IDM Irrigation Design Management is dedicated to meet the growing irrigation needs of the twenty-first century with efficient and cost-effective irrigation designs. Our project list includes everything from small residential homes to large agricultural and commercial projects.

Water Conservation

In areas where water conservation will not only become mandatory but also a necessity, having a properly designed, installed, and managed landscape irrigation system will aid in reducing the volume of water required. This could become the start for a coordinated national policy toward water conservation. Today many municipalities require residential and commercial builders to provide an irrigation design for approval prior to construction.


IDM Irrigation Design Management is ready and capable to assist you. Whether you require our assistance to design, install or manage your irrigation system, or just the need of having access to a reputable accredited professional for consulting services. IDM will be here to help you with consulting services from start to finish or to answer the occasional question.

Please feel free to browse our website at your leisure and contact us with any question or requests.