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Design Services

Existing System Evaluation

The performance of all irrigation systems must be monitored on a regular basis to maintain maximum efficiency. Old systems require regular attention due to the wear that occurs on all moving parts in the system. In the spring time the irrigation system should have a complete check-up to ensure proper performance of all irrigation equipment.

Some of the equipment may include:

  1. Sprinklers
  2. Sprinkler nozzle performance
  3. Valves
  4. Controller
  5. Water pressure

Water Use & Supply Analysis

IDM can conduct detailed analysis of water usage and can determine consumption rates and or water loss in the water supply distribution systems. When conducting a detailed analysis of this type not only will we find the defiance's but also the means and opportunity to improve the efficacy of the system.

System Design

A certified designer is capable of creating an irrigation design that will work under different circumstances. This design will utilize the appropriate equipment to irrigate with the best efficacy possible.

There's more to the design than picking out the right sprinklers to use. There are other factors that a proper irrigation design will address. Some of these may include water conservation, application rates, water filtration, pressure etc.

Up to now we have talked about all the technical reasons for having a proper certified irrigation design completed. For any one who is toying with the idea of installing a full irrigation system, having a detailed irrigation design to work from is a must. The design will enable the owner to plan ahead and save precious time and labour.

IDM will provide you with a certified irrigation design package, which will include a layout detailing all the different zones, and there piping with the head layout, detailed specification sheet, and quantity take off report.

Performance Auditing

When guesswork just won't do, and you want and need professional advice to save you time, water and money call IDM. IDM will provide you with a detailed irrigation schedule that takes into account all of your individual needs.

The sprinkler schedule will provide you with a plan that will ensure each microclimate will receive the appropriate irrigation at the appropriate time. This plan will illustrate in detail for each microclimate or zone the duration of irrigation, what days of the week to water and numerous suggestions of system improvements that can be done inexpensively.

Construction Management

The two main elements in any irrigation project are planning and management which are basically the same process. As the project takes shape these two elements take on different forms, while containing within them the same elements and sequential steps required to complete any project.

The management function is concerned with the overall plan, maintaining the appropriate direction and the ability to make the hard management decisions that are required in order to keep any project on schedule and maybe more important on budget.

The planning function is more of practical function dealing with the actual construction methods. This function may include details such as the formulation of the irrigation design, product acquisition, acquiring and maintaining adequate staffing levels to keep the project on schedule, equipment and maintenance.