IDM - Irrigation Resources

IDM - Resources

  • Toro - Count on it.
  • Hunter - The Irrigation Innovators.
  • Rain Bird - The World's Leader In Irrigation.
  • Van-Kel Distributors - Westside, Kelowna, Kamloops British Columbia.
  • Growers Supply Co. Ltd. - Lawn & Garden Supplies, Farm, Orchard & Turf Products.
  • Irritrol Systems - Irritrol® Systems is a brand of professional irrigation products manufactured by the Toro® Irrigation Division.
  • Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia's (IIABC) - The Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia was formed in 1979 to provide a forum for manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors to get together to communicate and exchange information about the irrigation industry.
  • The Irrigation Association - Since 1949, Irrigation Association┬« members worldwide have worked toward a shared vision - water conservation through efficient irrigation.
  • Water Partners in Canada - Irrigation is important to Canada.
  • The Atlas of Canada - Agricultural Water Consumption/Irrigation - Irrigation is the provision of water to crops beyond what is provided by local rainfall. Irrigation is a vital part of agriculture in certain areas of Canada like the southern Prairies and the interior of British Columbia.